You’ve seen through the fog, and you understand. You know what your priorities are.

You feel it – the state of your body, and mind, is more important than anything. And you are starting to understand that feeling young or old is not the result of time passing, but of accumulating healing or harmful behaviours.

And, the richness of your life is caused by the fullness inside of you, not outside. You see this now, or you are starting to.

Now you are choosing to take full responsibility for mastering yourself as the path to your fulfilment. But you are wondering; where to from here?

That’s where I come in. I have been searching for the wisdom to answer this question for over a decade, and I have an impressive collection of gemstones to share with you.

Whether you suffer from injuries and anxiety, or are looking to optimize your peak physical and mental performances – I know the steps you need to take to successfully move forward. And not just somewhere closer to your better self – but actually reaching your best.

My name is Craig van Heerden, and I am itching to get you up to speed.

My sole mission, in profession and passion, has been to better understand the immense potential I know that each and every one of us contains, and how to reach it.

Studying across many subjects, and continuously organizing the world into ordered steps and algorithmic systems, I have devised the plans and programs that could take you to your potential.

I really have broken down the journey into intelligent and manageable steps that you can use to make damn sure that you got from where you are, to your best self, guaranteed.

You can feel the best you ever have, far away from pain and stress, freer than you would believe possible.

I know how to move you smoothly and swiftly along on your growth – in body and mind.

My journey started with an injury and an early life crisis.

What initially felt like obstacles and confusion, turned out to be my most significant opportunities and learning so far. Working with hundreds, if not thousands of people through pain and stress, I am now confident that these are our most enormous opportunities – gifts in fact.

I have learnt to work through, and around, tough times. Thriving when the conditions aren’t ‘right’. And, I have learnt to use nutrition, movement, and my state of mind, together, to heal and grow.

eat.move.meditate – These are the three most influential, inescapable, yet controllable influencers of our genes. I am sure that we must master this triad of behaviours if we intend to experience our genetic potential; and even more importantly, our conscious potential. The synergy created when we masterfully make use of all three has to be experienced to be understood.

I have spent the last few years working full time as a clinical corrective exercise therapist. I have been studying, practising and teaching meditation for almost ten years. And, I have formally and informally studied natural and holistic nutrition for as long as I can remember.

I am always curiously learning about health optimization and self-actualization. I am fixated on organizing my knowledge into useful forms; steps, processes, and systems. This gives my methods so much power for you – I have arranged it to be most useful for you

And now, I am set on helping people with my intense passion and enjoyment, working with people to experience their best selves, and their best lives.

I can’t get enough of motivating people and reminding them of their power.

Today, I work full time to share what I have learned about the value of self-healing and self-mastery. In private coaching, courses, books, workshops, and retreats, I support people like you, anywhere from step one, to many steps along the path.

All of my experience, passion, and skills, culminate and reach their apex in this online business, supporting people in their actualization.

I want more than anything for you to experience unbounded freedom in your body, unshakeable peace in your mind, and a heart overflowing with connection.

Come work with me!

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