This exercise makes it easy to isolate and activate your glutes, even if you have very little connection to them or control of them.

For many people, it is initially challenging to activate their glutes – it is vital to change that. This exercise offers that first step.


Stand upright, with one hand on a support, like a wall, to balance.

Lift up one knee, as high as you can, without bending your grounded leg or leaning your trunk – stay upright. As that raised knee reaches its highest point, squeeze the glute of your standing leg as hard as you can.

Make sure that your hand the same side as your standing leg is free (not supporting you for balance) so that you can objectively feel whether your standing leg’s glutes activate when you try. Push the tips of your fingers hard into your glute to determine how intense the glute is actually contracting.

Lower your lifted foot to the ground before repeating.


The aim of this exercise is to achieve a deliberate glute contraction, even if you usually struggle to do so. Keep the glute activation in your focus, and do not trust whether your mind ‘thinks’ it is activating, instead, use your hand to feel.

Stay upright and tall throughout – do not bend your standing leg, or lean or bend your trunk.


This exercise should only serve ‘connecting’ your mind to your muscle. It is not to build strength or endurance, simply to learn to deliberately contract your glute.

Complete 10 reps on each side should suffice, you can build this up to 20 if you feel drawn to do so after a while.

One to two sets is enough, done at the beginning of your lower body workouts.