This massage allows you to target your glute complex and your piriformis area—a valuable tool for restoring hip mobility.

The massage will activate and bring blood flow to the area, useful at the beginning of a workout to get increased activation. It will also breakdown old scar tissue and adhesions, and release stuck spasms and trigger points.

From many thousands of hours of sitting, most of our glutes need a combination of approaches to get them back to healthy, elastic, mobile, and powerful structures – regular massage can be an invaluable part of that process.


Sit on your roller with your hands behind you on the floor to support you.

Place your one foot on the thigh of your other leg near its knee, and let your raised knee relax downward and externally rotate your upper leg an hip.

Rotate your hips to one side, shifting your weight to the glute on the same side that you have lifted your leg.

Massage up and down, making sure to cover the entire glute area – from sit-bone, to the lower back, and from the back to your side.

Then, stop rolling up and down, and move from side to side, rotating your hips to massage across your glute. Once again, make sure to cover the entire glute area.


Drop down on to the elbow of your arm on the same side as your lifted and externally rotated leg.

You may feel a different effect – different opportunities.

Repeat the process as before, rolling up and own, then from side to side, covering the entire glute complex area.

Focus on the tender and tight spots.